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Kiqplan by Kin

Kin’s mobile application, Kiqplan, provides wellness coaching in a flexible and device-neutral platform as part of your corporate wellness program. It learns from each user’s input and behavior and gives them personalized feedback as they progress individually and with their teams.

Personalized Features

Personalized Features

Step and calorie targets

Daily Diary

Interactive food log

Food log

Workout videos

Workout videos

Healthy recipes


Learning and motivation

Fitness articles

Individual and team challenges


Evolving feedback


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How Kiqplan works for you

1. Download Kiqplan app

2. Pair Your Device

3. Set Your Goals

4. Track Your Progress

5. See Lasting Change

Holistic Approach

Positive Wellnless Cycle

Positive wellness cycle

We believe that creating a positive culture that supports behavioral change requires focus on several interconnected elements of well-being. These include activity, nutrition, sleep and stress management. A healthy balance of all four is needed for people to really thrive.

Compatible Devices

Compatible with leading activity trackers

Compatible Devices
Compatible devices