Who we are

At SMG we spearhead the globe as leaders in Artificial Intelligence(AI), predictive analytics and data driven solutions. Our products offer organisations the ability to support their culture of health with employee wellness programs, drive customer engagements with greater insight into behaviours and to support advancement in healthcare and performance management.

Our Kiqplan solution represents the connections between the individual, their colleagues and communities, as well as between the elements of wellness that help us to be healthy and happy.


At SMG we aim to help people live more fulfilled lives by managing their wellness through the use of technology. We are an enthusiastic team based globall and are committed to providing both individuals and organizations with simple, powerful and effective Digital Wellness solutions that create long-lasting behavioural change.


We aim to generate a feeling of positive energy around everything we do – for ourselves, for the companies we work with and for the users of our products. We believe that the better people feel, physically and mentally, the more they will be able to accomplish, both professionally and personally.

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KIN’S evolution


We are founded and we bring ‘device and advice’ to the market


We launched our online  corporate challenge program


We are the first to offer device-neutral tracking and training plans


We become a Digital Wellness solutions provider


We step fully into our global brand identity as Kin


SMG Technologies purchased Kin for global expansion