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How positive is your organization? Companies perform better when people are happy. That’s why we have created a simple and powerful Digital Wellness solution that engages users and creates a long-lasting culture of wellness by making it personal and measurable.


Holistic approach

We believe that creating a positive culture that supports behavioral change requires focus on several interconnected elements of well-being. These include activity, nutrition, sleep and stress management. A healthy balance of all four is needed for people to really thrive.

Digitally connected

We bring the elements of well-being together in a rich and engaging digital solution, providing on-the-go wellness coaching with a flexible and device-neutral platform. It learns from each user’s input and behavior and gives personalized feedback based on their individual needs.

Let’s Get Personal

Developing new, positive habits requires sustained effort. It takes personalized solutions that evolve over time to maintain engagement. That’s why we’ve created a Digital Wellness solution that adapts to individual needs, provides personalized support and fosters long-term behavioral change.


Motivating challenges

We know that goals are exponentially more engaging when they are shared as a group. Our team challenges keep the momentum of positive change going for longer by inspiring healthy competition and building stronger team spirit.

Engaging features

The app evolves along with each user. It learns from the personal information it receives and feeds back timely and relevant advice when it’s needed. Kin’s coaches and experts are there every step of the way.

Harvest Wellness

Investing in wellness is the single most important initiative that can improve performance, reduce absenteeism and lower healthcare costs. Our solution is easy to roll out, with valuable data and insights given during the program, and proven to create lasting behavioral change.


Seamless implementation

Whether you’d like to introduce corporate wellness to your organization or are looking to enhance your existing offering, our digital solution is easily implemented and provides insight and value from the very start.

Meaningful reporting

Kin’s reporting gives you the tools to understand your company’s wellness status. It lets you monitor the impact of the program and refine it, to deliver a higher value of investment over time.

Corporate wellness video

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In less than two minutes, find out how Kin’s wellness programs are helping companies and employees around the world to create positive cultures of well-being.